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Tweet Hilariously Turns Asian Stereotype On Its Head

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Here’s a tweet that’ll have every Asian saying “yaaaas.”

Twitter user Helen Hou-Sandí just shut the Twitter game down in response to the racist belief that all Asians look alike. She shared a photo from a recent segment of “Anderson Cooper 360” that features Cooper, CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd and former U.S. army officer Mark Hertling.

Yeah, sure, it’s Asians who all look same.

— Helen 侯-Sandí (@helenhousandi) December 9, 2016

Yup, *mic drop.*

The tweet went viral with thousands of retweets, and even received a like from Ellen …read more

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Watch JLaw’s Jaw Drop When Chris Pratt Speaks German

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Uh oh! Chris Pratt just broke Jennifer Lawrence.

Pratt’s been having fun cropping his “Passengers” co-star out of pictures while on the press tour for their new movie. But those days might be over after Lawrence seemingly malfunctioned during a recent Facebook Live interview the pair did with Bild, a Berlin entertainment website.

Pratt supposedly learned German in school, so the interviewer put him to the test, asking if he understood the German she had just spoken. He said that he did and repeated it back, causing JLaw’s face to do this:

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A weird makeover trick Hitler wished he had known

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LOL, Kellyanne Conway Thinks Justin Timberlake Will Play At Trump’s Inauguration

Maybe they can get Scott Baio to sing instead. Did you know Scott Baio tried to have a singing career, because he did, and it is hilarious. …read more

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This Is Ikea’s Attempt To Solve Your Annoying Relationship Problems

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Having relationship problems? Ikea wants to help. (Which is ironic, since everyone knows Ikea is the place where relationships go to die.)

In its new ad campaign, “Retail Therapy, the Swedish superstore renamed its products to match the most commonly searched relationship problems in Sweden. Then they created a site,, to sell them all.

Now when you Google things like “He Doesn’t Want To Move In Together,” the search results include a link to a handy tooth brush holder:

Other renamed products include the “My Partner Snores” daybed and the …read more

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Mom’s Instagram Account Highlights The Hilarious Things Her Kids Say

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Parents know that kids say the darndest things. And this U.K. mom wants to remember all the magic.

Since May, Lisa Brazier aka “Mummy Piggles” has been posting photos of her daughters on Instagram ― with some of their funniest quotes in the captions. Brazier, who lives in Birmingham, told The Huffington Post that 5-year-old Isla and 4-year-old Alice are “constantly buzzing with curiosity.”

“Mummy? Do you love Daddy?” “Yes, very much.” “Yeah, but is it worth it?” #outofthemouthsofbabes #shitmykidsays #convoswithmyfiveyearold #mummypiggles

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Ohh, Trump Drained The Swamp So The CEO Bridge To The White House Was Clear!

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Championship swamp diver and President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly going to pick the president of Goldman Sachs to direct his National Economic Council.

To recap, Trump has already named billionaire Wilbur Ross as his commerce secretary, billionaire Todd Ricketts as deputy commerce secretary, and street urchin peasant/millionaire Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs partner, for Treasury.

“But wasn’t he going to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington?” you ask.

Good question. He actually did drain the swamp!

And out from the murky depths of that gloomy quagmire rose a bridge — a CEO’s bridge …read more

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Neo-Nazi Nerds Bitching About ‘Star Wars’ Again, Because Yoda Is A Rabbi Or Something

And don’t even get them STARTED on Spock! …read more

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Let’s Watch A Hillary Clinton Speech And Cry Some More, Like We Always Do

We still just want to give her a hug. …read more

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