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Parody Sums Up Why Christian Music Shouldn’t Just Make You Feel Good

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A Chicago church’s viral video about Christian worship music is bringing up a good question ― do people ever stop to think about what they’re singing at church?

The parody video of a praise and worship singing session produced by Park Community Church revived a lively debate on Facebook Tuesday about what it means to worship God through song.

Contemporary Christian music has often been criticized for its lack of rawness and honesty, and for using jargon that would be unfamiliar …read more

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Morning Joe Loses Control Without Scarborough to Mansplain Donald Trump For America

Mike Brzezinski is mad as hell, and she’s not going to take it anymore! …read more

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This Is A Really Good Song About How Hillary Clinton Is Super Evil And Coughs Sometimes

Sung by your boyfriend, William Tapley, third eagle of the apocalypse and co-prophet of these end times. …read more

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Attention, World: Chelsea Handler Is Set To Interview Ann Coulter

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Chelsea Handler is making our dreams come true and will interview Ann Coulter in the coming weeks, she told The Huffington Post.

The comedian and talk show host extraordinaire explained to host Alyona Minkovski on Thursday that she “might have to bring in the big guns” when she interviews the conservative commentator on her Netflix show, “Chelsea.”

“Intellectually, I don’t think I can match her, but I mean, I like anybody with a difference of opinion,” Handler said. “I like conflict and I’m not averse to that. I like having conversations that are uncomfortable.”

Handler …read more

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Eric Trump’s Daddy Running For President Just To Get His Baby Boy A Real Christmas Tree

No gross secular ‘holiday trees’ for little Eric, only the real kind that was grown by Jesus! …read more

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Comedian Breaks Down Why Trump And Hugo Chávez Are ‘Soul Sistas’

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Comedian Joanna Hausmann has long thought Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was disturbingly similar to a certain deceased South American dictator.

In a new episode of the Flama video series “Joanna Rants,” posted Thursday, the Venezuelan star breaks down how Trump and Venezuela’s former leader Hugo Chávez are “EXACTLY the same.” The comedian’s reasons include how Trump and the brutal dictator shared an affinity for insulting people, firing people on air, conspiracy theories, talking about their penis size and unifying people through hate.

“Listen, when it comes to …read more

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Grumpy Old John McCain Doesn’t Need Young Whippersnappers Calling Him Grumpy and Old

Can the original Maverick pull out of this tailspin? …read more

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Sandy Hook ‘Truther’ Planned His Very Own Mass Shooting … Or So They Want Us To Think

A Las Vegas man who believed Sandy Hook was faked has been arrested on charges of plotting a real massacre. If you believe the government, of course. …read more

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Economics Of Baby’s Bedtime

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Daily futures were indicating a positive start to the day as the children beat market estimates with a 7:15AM wake-up time, beating average quarterly wake-up times by 36 minutes. Last night’s bedtime shifted a few minutes later than normal due to good behavior, with bedtime coming in 5 minutes later than the 50-day moving average of 8:30PM. Some analysts would say an 8:30 bedtime could start to trend later as behavior improves, although they have noted that there are numerous risks to the downside.

Breakfast was uneventful which was as expected since the parents introduced new waffles to the routine. …read more

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